These cuties arrived in the mail today! Aaahh.. they’re so cute! I love ‘em to bits and pieces. (*/ω\*)


Happy Easter you guys! :)

Here, have a pic of Bunny!Tintin eating a chocolate-caramel egg. :3

Bringing this back for Easter tomorrow! 

Happy Easter Everyone! :D

(Sorry about the watermark. It’s also my old tumblr URL. :P)

Add me on MFC! :)

I’m a newbie collector and I’d like to make new friends! :3

Please add me over at MFC. Thank you! Hope to talk to other fellow figure collectors out there! :)

My Vocaloid Live Stage Producer mini figure set is here! Got all of these babies for less than $30. They look more awesome as a set! :D #vocaloid

I bought a Skipper plushie at Sea World today! SQUEEEEEE!!!! ❤️

I’m so happy Sea World San Diego had that new show: “Madagascar Live! Operation Vacation”. And they started selling Madagascar merch there. I’m just disappointed they didn’t have Private, Rico and Kowalski plushies. I would have gotten all of them. :(

Still though a Skipper plushie! I love him! ❤️

Finally got my husband to read the first AF book! He finished last night and he loves it! He’ll start the 2nd book later today. 👍 #artemisfowl #ebook

Unboxed my Hatsune Miku Mixing Box (one of the gifts from my godmother) and it has a fan book, a dvd/cd-rom, and a little Miku figure. It’s so awesome! ❤️ #vocaloid